Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring Awakening.

Spring is ALMOST here!  I will be spending the beginning of it in Palm Beach Gardens with Emily (my fellow blogger).  And as you can tell by these images, I am excited.  You know, to wear comfy spring clothes and hang out on the beach.  With my darling of course! :)

I hope I run into this on the beach.  Woody Allen I mean.

I've been scouring the internet for the Cheetah Party Animal One Piece, and can only find the bandeau, one of which is pictured above. This is unacceptable. 
I plan on altering my old Levi Jeans into a fine pair of Jorts for hot weather.
I need sunglasses, and have always wanted to get a pair of these heart shaped frames.  You know, to satisfy the Lolita in me. (Amazon)

OH and a straw fedora.  To go with my new haircut.

Also really been wanting a boy's blazer for several outfits.  It will really complete my Annie Hall transformation, according to my Dad. (Sally Jane Vintage)

And this is unlike anything I own.  It would be great for the Florida Sunshine!
I need to get shopping...


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