Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mental Notes.

I enjoy fantasizing about my future, including my future apartment that I can't wait to decorate (who knows when this will actually happen).  Thanks to the selby & antique stores for playing into my fantasies.  Sometimes i like to pretend this apartment is in some place like Tangier, Southern California, or even a little house in the south. 

things on my list so far:

1. Chalkboard paint. this is such a genius idea. for the kitchen, maybe even the fridge? I'd love to have it on a wall in my room (the guy in 500 days of summer had it & it comes in handy as an inspiration board-for him an intense makeover scene where he rediscovers his passion for architecture.)

2. A pug. my home would not be complete without my own little black pug (name still undecided, shapiro? winnie?)

3. Collection of crazy & random portraits of 17th/18th century men and women.  Maybe one of the Marquis de Lafayette to express my undying love for him. 

4. Random antique collectibles (I was so tempted to buy Mammy & Butler salt and pepper shakers the other day)

I found one of these in blue & knew it was for me.  I want a nautical themed room.

4. Plantation print china. This stuff is just too awesome (if not china, then wallpaper)

I'm already giddy with excitement.

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