Friday, August 14, 2009

This Week Defined.

back in high school, on a beach trip with jen, liz & annie. time does fly.

1. coffee. and lots of it. with coffeemate creamer.
2. uneven tans (still hoping it clears up so i can even it out!)
3. overcoming my distaste for waves (i ended up having the best time in the ocean)
4. finally deciding on a tattoo. now to research places & get an appt. 
5. being called Henny again. it's like a trip back to high school.
6. having this week feel so isolated and not thinking about the next week, which I'm sure will be jam-packed with work, but knowing that I get to go back to school in just 2 weeks. (where has the 4 month summer gone to?)
7. sweet tea. one reason i've come to love South Carolina.
8. A&E, wife swap, intervention & hoarders.
9. morning & night laptop sessions (i wish i could take a picture of the 4 of us on our laptops right now hahah)
10. coffee, yes I've had that much of it. 

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